Friday, August 31, 2012

Refreshed Dangles

A while ago I posted about a pair of dangles I made not knowing what to do with them Dangles.  I ended up making a charm bracelet Charm Bracelet, but one of the suggestions I was given was to add green leaves to help fill up the bracelet.

This past weekend, I tried out a new bead store.  It was much more expensive than the one I normally go to, but it had a different selection.  What do you know, they had leaves!

Check out the improvements I was able to make to the charm bracelet.

I love the color combo now.  The green leaves made a huge difference.

Look how full it is!

I'm looking for ring tutorials for this week's personal challenge. I hope to have one or two made this weekend.


  1. That is really cute Mandi. I love dangles and have been intending to try to make a full, lush dangle, charm bracelet myself when I get the chance/time. Nice job.