Friday, May 9, 2014

Bead Soup Blog Party 8 Reveal

Today is the reveal of Bead Soup Blog Party 8!  This is my 3rd time participating and once again, I had a blast.  To see what I made for BSBP 6 and 7, click here and here.

A quick summary of the Bead Soup Blog Party rules.  You are assigned a partner for the Bead Soup Blog Party and you are to send your partner a set of beads, a focal and a clasp.  You have to use the focal and the clasp but do not need to put them in the same piece.   Then you blog the reveal for all to enjoy.

I was so lucky to be partnered with Lori Schneider of Bead addict.  Please visit Lori’s blog to see what she made with the soup I sent.  Lori is an amazing artist, has an incredible stash of beads and even makes her own polymer clay goodies.  I was fortunate enough to receive one of those goodies as the focal in my soup.  

Lori posted a teaser photo on her blog of my soup click here.  It was a beautiful kaleidoscope of colors with the essence of a peacock feather.  The colors were beautiful and I couldn’t wait to see the soup in person.  I hadn’t worked with a polymer clay focal before and was really hoping for one. 

The soup was a wonderful mix of blues, yellows, and blacks with butterflies (my favorite), lady bugs, two clasps and a fantastic handmade dual sided focal.  My only concern at this point, was how do I do this soup justice.

I got to work right away, testing ideas out to see what would stick.  Unfortunately, I ended up with more unfinished projects than finished ones.  I just couldn’t think of the best way to complete the design.  However, I did complete the main piece.  You can wear it with either side of the pendant facing out.  How fun!
Lori's handmade focal!

I love participating in the BSBP.  I meet new bead buddies, get exposed to new techniques, materials and colors.  I am always challenges sinice I rarely use focals/pendants in my typical creations.  I knew going into this one that I would be very busy, but I still wanted to at least finish the main piece and complete it in advance.  I often wait until the last minute when I am struggling to come up with an idea.  This time I set a goal and nailed it.
Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you enjoyed my piece and please visit the other amazing artists.  Visit the Bead Soup Blog Party blog for the entire list of participants hereMany, many thanks to Lori Anderson for once again organizing this wonderful event.  Lori Anderson puts us BSBP participants first before herself, which is highly commendable and worth more than I could ever thank her.

To see the list of all of the participants blogs, please go to the Bead Soup Blog Party Blog: