Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Crafting Journey Begins

I've been crafting for years, but I go through phases of discouragement.  I'm hoping that by blogging about my creations, I'll stay creative and power through the let downs.  I recently got my mojo back. I make at least one necklace a week.  Sometimes I fear I stretch myself too thin by trying to excel in so many crafts.  I knit, sew and bead.  I'd really like to combine my knitting and jewelry making skills to create beautiful knitted jewelry.  Please check out my latest creations and embark on this crafty journey with me.  I hope you enjoy them.

I finally figured out a way to display all of my necklaces.  Thanks Clara for the awesome idea! I was very happy to make use of the coat hooks we already had.  Not all of the necklaces or my creations, but this makes it so easy to pick what to wear.

I made this one for a friend who loves color.

I made these two a long time ago, but I love them so much.  I didn't know I loved green so much.  I'm dangerous at the bead store.  I buy whatever catches my eye.  I rarely plan out a necklace in advance.  I know have a large collection of beads that may or may not work together.  In the cases above, I actually picked strands of beads that I wanted to put together and then bought a chain to add length.

I can either wear this one long or doubled up.

I love this one! This is a reincarnation of what use to be a green and pink necklace.  I had the shiny brown beads left over and decided to blend them with the green rectangular beads and small round ones.

I made this for my friends new baby girl.  I have started a matching pair of booties, but haven't finished them yet.

I have a box full of beads and wire and a basket full of yarn.  I hope to make a dent in both.  Check back in to see what I'm up to this week.

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