Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Success from Failure

There is this lovely store in my neighborhood, The Grove.  They sell wonderful handmade pieces as well as yarn, fabric and books.  I cannot leave the store without buying something.  Their yarn is beautiful and lucky for me, they sell remnants for just a few bucks.  I collect as many mini skeins as I can, hoping that amazing ideas will follow.

Honestly, I have a big basket of yarn I rarely touch.  Last night, I found a necklace that I thought I could recreate using yarn and pearls from my stash. I like everything to be symmetrical.  I thought it would be fun to attach the pearls at random without prior planning.  Needless to say, it didn't go so well.  I failed and tried to wear it as a bracelet.  Being less than thrilled, I went to bed.
Failed necklace as a bracelet.
Browsing through jewelry blogs, I came up with a new idea.  The yarn was too flimsy and wasn't holding it's shape. I decided to string the yarn through a medium sized copper chain.  Turns out, I had some sitting around...goes to show I have purchased way too many supplies.

I ended falling in love with the final necklace.  All in all, I'm glad I didn't give up.  I guess I better finish the baby booties.  I don't know why I always put off stitching up my knits.  I usually have to persuade my boyfriend to finish for me.

Sweet success just before bed.  It's not the best picture, but I was eager to share.

Check out the inspirational Stella & Dot necklace at Ribbon & Champaign Pearl Necklace.  

Back to knitting.  If anyone needs a baby gift, please let me know.

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