Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Finishing the Unfinished

I often start projects, without a clear idea of what I'm making.  Sometimes the projects sit unfinished for years.  I still have a bikini bottom to knit even though I finished the top 4 years ago.  

Well, I'm happy to say that I finally completed a project that has be sitting around since I started the blog.  My original intention was to create a necklace using the beads below.  

Getting the juices flowing.

I couldn't come up with a design I loved.  I finally realized I didn't actually like all these beads together in one piece of jewelry.  

Why not make two?!
Finished necklace.

Up close and personal.

Finished product #2; non-coordinating bracelet.
I'm noticing a pattern with my jewelry.  It is time to break the mold.  Any suggestions?  There is always more to come. :)


  1. Excellent! I am no good at multistrands -- I always mess them up somehow.

    1. Thanks! I like to twist multistrands so it doesn't matter how they hang.